Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

‘Mo Versus The Volcano

When we hear the word mask, it always makes us think of this. Or this. Or the most frightening mask of all time. Can that show just die already?

Well now, we have a new perspective when we hear the word, thanks to Kyoku for Men, a line of products designed specifically for men’s skin. Each of their products combines ancient Japanese knowledge with cutting edge research, utilizing natural ingredients like ginseng, green tea leaves, bamboo or, in this case, lava mud.

The Kyoku Lava Masque draws out impurities, utilizes 73 essential sea minerals to increase circulation and promote cellular renewal, plus it helps reduce pores.

It’s easily one of the most soothing masques we’ve ever tried, and it only takes five to 10 minutes twice a week to see the benefits. And for those precious few moments as the white mud hardens on our face, we feel like kabuki goddesses. What other skincare regimen gives you an excuse to pull out the old red kimono?

We’re excited to try several of the other Kyoku products, but for now, we’re thrilled to have discovered this one in particular. Now if anyone would like to volunteer to be our virgin sacrifice to the volcano gods, we’re currently taking applications. Just send us your head shot. Oh, and a picture of your face.

$32 (tax included)