Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bahn Artist


Remember that word from high-school English class? It’s one of our all-time favorites (yes, we have a shrine of beloved words pasted on a wall in our bedroom with lit candles and locks of teachers’ hair on an altar below – don’t judge). If you need a refresher, basically it means words that imitate the sound of what they’re describing.

And that’s just the first reason we fell in love with b.b.bop Rice Bowls. The word “b.b.bop” is just a simplified spelling of “Bi Bim Bap,” a traditional Korean rice dish of fresh vegetables, grilled beef, sesame oil and a spicy red pepper sauce. (Lesser known, it’s the B-Side of Cyndi Lauper’s popular “She Bop.”)

At b.b.bop, they serve up made-to-order rice bowls, Asian tacos and Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. You pick the ingredients and they handle the rest in a quick and tasty fashion.

Our first visit, they were out of rice, which we think is a big no-no for a RICE BOWL place, but we cut them some slack. And we’re so glad we did.

Our favorites turned out to be the Asian Tacos (pulled pork, sweet relish, bean sprouts and spicy Asian mayo) and the Meatball Banh Mi, which is a sandwich on an 8” roll with cilantro, fresh jalapeño, pickled carrots and cabbage, and a special sauce.

When we went back and tried the rice bowls, it was worth the wait. We love customizing our food with our choice of rice (or Udon noodles if you’re feeling a little Japanese), favorite vegetables, and then a sauce. It’s so much easier than our typical orders at a Chinese restaurant where we’re deleting items, adding others, changing out sauces. Here, they don’t give you attitude for that!

They’re also known for having a counter filled with sauces ranging from curry to peanut that you can add to any dish after you’re seated (or taken to-go) which is fun. Because we love experimentation. Just ask our second-cousin.

5323 Greenville Avenue #5, Dallas
(214) 812-9342

2460 Lacy Lane #2, Carrollton
(972) 620-9700