Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Good For A Lei

Like it or not, the Season of Skin is upon us. And no good gay would be caught dead in last year’s swimsuits. Though that would surely please the NSU (Necrophiliac Sunbathers Union.)

So like it says on page 1,244 of the handbook, March is the perfect time to start shopping for summer swimsuits. The selections are better and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a few weeks before anyone else duplicates your look at the next neighborhood pool party.

Well, Diesel just launched its new swimsuit line for 2011 and we were sent one of the first suits, hot off the sewing machines. (We always wonder if the seamstresses have any idea of the hot guys that are about to wear their creations.)

The suit above is called the Diesel Aloha Swim Trunk and we’d definitely drive all the way to Hawaii to see the model above traipsing around on the beach in search of poi and Mai Tais. Plus, this is one of our favorite swimsuit cuts. It’s flattering and fitted, but not as revealing as a bikini cut. It quietly says, “I’m a slut, but I read books, too.”

Made of 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex (for accentuating your “Tiny Bubbles”) and available with red and black stripes, or blue and green as pictured, it’s a great start on building that 2011 swimsuit collection to full capacity.

Thankfully, swimsuits don’t take up that much room. We’ll never forget that year we gained a lot of weight and wore only scuba suits to the pool. We had to build an entire extra room on the house for that particular summer wardrobe. In hindsight, liposuction would’ve been so much cheaper.