Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Born Again

Love it, hate it or think it’s a rip-off of Madonna’s Express Yourself, it’s impossible to avoid Lady Gaga’s empowerment anthem, Born This Way. It’s on the radio every other song, whether it’s a pop station, NPR or Rush Limbaugh’s Party Patrol. Hell, we think we just heard it in the background of a mayonnaise commercial. It’s everywhere!

Her full album is still almost two months from being released, yet her ravenous fans will eat up any tiny tidbits she throws their way to help pass the time.

Typically, we’re not much for remixes because their repetitiveness practically causes seizures, like a strobe light for the ears. But leave it to DJs who love Mama Monster to deliver remixes that are sure to get any party started. There are already three available on iTunes today from LA Riots, Chew Fu and DJ White Shadow, with four more being released this coming Tuesday, March 29, from Bimbo Jones, Twin Shadow, Grum, Dada Life and Zedd.

Each mix has its own unique take on the song and we found ourselves liking them all for one reason or another. The one that kept us hitting repeat on our iPod, though, is the one from DJ White Shadow. (Mostly because that was our nickname in Junior High. Minus the “DJ.” And replace the word shadow with Fairygirl.)

We know Lady Gaga doesn’t need any more publicity, but we’ve read your letters and know there are lots of fans of hers that read Gay List Daily, so we figured it was our duty to let everyone know that there are seven new tracks to add to your playlists. Just in case you didn’t know.

Then check back next week when we’ll tell you about a little beverage we’ve discovered called Coca-Cola.

$1.29 per track
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