Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Poppers Make The Party

If you’ve ever seen a Jennifer Jason Leigh movie, you know that sometimes the popcorn can be the highlight of the evening. And that’s just the overpriced, overly salty crap the movie theaters force upon us because we have no choice.

But what if popcorn had as much personality as a fine dining experience?

Welcome to Uptown Popcorn. To be sure, flavored popcorn isn’t anything revolutionary, but here, it somehow feels remarkably original. And practically otherworldly.

The popcorn poppers here must be a tiny bit crazy to come up with some of these concoctions. Blue Coconut. Chili Cheese. Green Apple. Pizza. Salsa. Jack in the Box Taco. (OK, that last one is just a longtime dream of ours that we’re hoping they feel obligated to fulfill.)

Uptown Popcorn flavors remind us of Jelly Belly jellybeans because everything tastes exactly like the name promises. That said, we’re not sure we want a whole bag of Piña Colada or Dr Pepper, but they sure are fun to taste. And that’s half of what we love. They don’t force you to buy gigantic tubs that will sit around and get as stale as those nasty three-flavor popcorn tins people give you as “gifts” for Christmas. Gee, thanks. You shouldn’t have.

Bags start at just $1.95. Or get the party started with a whopping $79.95 bag that’ll feed a small army. It just won’t be as easy to sneak into the theater.

Uptown Popcorn
NorthPark Center, Cedar Hill & Fairview