Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Not-So-Risky Business

Way back in the 1980s, before sofa-jumping, Suri and Scientology, Tom Cruise was famous for one thing. Dancing with his pants off. And, making every person in America want his sunglasses.

The Wayfarer style has been one of the most popular sellers for nearly three decades, and this season they’re as big as ever. But as we get older, we’re getting smarter about our accessories purchases. Because they’re the trendiest part of our wardrobe, often with a limited life span, we’ve decided to stop spending so much money on them. Especially after our $300 Pradas got swept out to sea in Mexico last year.

So along comes STUN and their line of hip, fun, colorful Wayfarer-style sunglasses. Or more appropriately, Stunglasses. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, with mirrored, charcoal or amber lenses, these high-quality glasses boast UV400 protection, durable hinges and a remarkably small price tag.

For just $24 a pair (or even less if you buy them in sets or use a discount code), these are the kind of sunglasses you don’t want to lose, but won’t cry for three days if you do. They’re a great way to take a nice trip back to the ’80s without the use of illegal substances. Or another viewing of your worn-out VHS copy of Pretty in Pink.

$24 per pair
$55 for three pairs, Clear Collective or Mirror Mob
$35 for two pair, Discreet Duo

Use discount codes “2for40” or “3for60” to create your own custom combo.