Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wicky Leaks

At Gay List Daily, we don’t often publish Breaking News stories.

Sure, we were the first journalists notified when Michael Jackson died. The top-secret ending of Lost? We already had it on DVD during the show’s first season. And that gizmo that saved the trapped Chilean miners? Yep, that was something we designed during a pedicure.

We’re just not ones to brag.

But when something really important comes across our desk, we feel compelled to let you in on the life-changing details, TMZ and CNN be damned.

Today, we’ve been granted the exclusive story on a brand-new candle hitting the market. (We’ll pause while you call your closest relatives and break the news.)

But this is no ordinary candle.

It’s called the F*CK candle from sexy Dallas-based designer, Jimmy Belasco. It’s just one of several new candles in his NEON collection, with packaging designs inspired by old neon signs. Other styles in the series include KISS, SEXX, TRUE and LOVE.

Of course, F*CK is our favorite. It’s the perfect gift for those you love, and those you hate. It’s like a backhanded compliment. “F*CK You, here’s a stunning candle.” It’s the “you look so much younger now that you’ve gained weight” of the gift-giving world.

Seriously, though, this is one spectacular candle. Made of soy and scented with an amazing fragrance blend of lime, sandalwood and amber, it’s perfect for any room in the house (or darkest corner of a mine shaft, as the case may be). The indigo blue glass turns a gorgeous shade of magenta when the candle is lit, which is a nice little surprise. And the candle lasts for a really, really long time.

Best of all, the slogan for this line of candles is “Give a F*CK, literally and figuratively.” For each candle sold, Jimmy donates a portion of profits to an animal rescue charity. And we love us some doggies.

So be the first on your block to give a F*CK, get a F*CK, or pay good money for multiple F*CKs.

Just remember where you heard it first. We’re so tired of people confusing us with Oprah.


Note: The asterisk covering the “U” in the “F*CK” candle is removable if you want to go full uncensored.