Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Money, Money, Money

If we had a dollar for every time somebody came up behind us and told us they smelled George on us, or Tom, or perhaps Alex or Abe, we’d be rich. But now, we can smell like all those guys are on us and the comments from friends will be complimentary for a change.

That’s because we smell like money. His Money to be exact. It’s a new fragrance that, believe it or not, is based on the fragrance of cold, hard cash. We think that’s better marketing than saying people will smell like dead Presidents. If we wanted to smell like decomposed corpses and nutmeg, we’d buy Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas.

His Money starts with the aroma of newly printed money and takes it a few steps further by incorporating notes of bright citrus, fresh ocean breezes, rosemary, grass and precious woods.

When a bottle showed up at our world headquarters, we sprayed a bit on a Post-It Note and walked it to the front room to see if anyone could guess what it was. Before we even had a chance to ask, people from the office were surrounding us asking about the “great-smelling scent.” That pretty much sold us right there on the fact that this cologne was a keeper.

The scent is complex, but very, very subtle. We think it just smells “fresh” and that it’s the perfect fragrance for summer. The bottle comes packed in real shredded U.S. dollar bills, too, so if you’re bored you can try to assemble a whole dollar out of the scraps and take it to a strip club. Then try to convince him to strip for a dollar because you’ve got a dollar made of strips. Heck, it’s worth a try. They’re not all rocket scientists, you know.

Otherwise, just spray on His Money and hope it attracts a hot guy with real cash. Preferably all in one piece.

$35, includes shipping
Available for women, too