Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ciao Down

We have such fond memories of warm summer nights, fireflies buzzing around as we danced and laughed in the moonlight. Not a care in the world. There was usually barbecued chicken or burgers, watermelon or fresh peaches, but the one thing that was always on our table was Mom’s Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie. And Aunt Sandy, passed out drunk, scaring us kids with her short shorts, panty hose and open-toed sandals that gave away the whole panty-hose secret.

Well, we just had a major flashback. And not because we were wearing flip-flops and L’eggs. No, the memories came flooding back because of a single bite of Ciao Bella Key Lime Graham Squares. It was Mom’s lemonade pie all over again without a single White Trash undertone.

These luscious, creamy, thoroughly addictive squares are better than just about any actual Key Lime Pie we’ve eaten because they’re creamier than they are tart. Nothing ruins a dessert more than too much tart. And just like our post-menopausal Mom, no artificial hormones.

Our other favorites are the Belgian Chocolate S’Mores Squares and, when we’re feeling fat but still craving something sweet, the dairy-free, 70-calorie Blueberry Passion Sorbet Bars. There are few things on a stick you can put in your mouth that are this guilt-free. Just ask the girls at Hot Dog on a Stick how many of those bad boys we can put away in one sitting.

Best of all, you can find Ciao Bella many places these days, including Costco and Whole Foods, or have their products shipped right to your door from www.icecreamsource.com.

Then all summer long, you can make your own special memories involving frozen treats. It’s up to you whether those nights in the moonlight involve clothes or just a couple of spoons, a pint of Ciao Bella and a vivid imagination.