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Our New Traveling Companion

We’re not fond of reruns, but sometimes things are better the second time. Like episodes of I Love Lucy. Thanksgiving turkey. Prostate exams.

So, yes, you may remember that last year we told you about a great set of products called GO! Kits from Skin Authority. They were handy little travel-size kits with everything you needed for an away-from-home (or even at-home) skincare regimen.

Well, they’ve gone and created a kit just for us guys and we love it. So, here we are with not a rerun, but what we consider a creative re-imagining of our original recommendation.

Named (appropriately enough) GO! Man, it includes a daily cleanser, night revitalizer (which truly works miracles) and a daily SPF30 UVA sunscreen moisturizer. We took a kit on vacation recently, used it the entire week, brought it home and used it about two weeks more. Now we don’t have any left take with us on trips, but we were curious how long a set would last us.

To be sure, GO! Kits are not cheap, but they’re really great quality and worth every penny. Plus, you can even chat live on the web or call an expert to get a free consultation based on your own skin’s needs.

Of course, once you’re hooked on the GO! Kits, you can order full-size versions of your favorite products. Just hide them when we come over. We always travel with empty product bottles when we visit friends. After all, you never know what great serum or potion we’ll find in a medicine cabinet.