Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Squeals On Wheels

Sadly, there’s only one thing that comes to mind when someone brings up the word trailer: Tornadoes. And maybe wood paneling.

But now, one Dallas company is out to make us forget about twisters and a criminal lack of taste with their whimsical-and-delicious new creation: Trailercakes.

Think cupcakes on-the-go. It really is genius. You’ve got a tiny-cake craving and don’t feel like hoisting yourself up off the couch, getting in your car, then driving to a bakery. That’s a lot of work. So why not have the cupcakes come to you?

That’s the whole idea behind Trailercakes. In fact, if you’re having a big party or special event, they’ll even bring your treats in Bubbles (pictured above). We love ordering cupcakes just to have Bubbles drive through a friend’s hoity-toity gated community. Making the obscenely rich uncomfortable = good times.

Our favorite part about Trailercakes has got to be flavor names: Slap-Your-Mother Chocolate (which in some counties comes with a free 30-to-Life Orange Jumpsuit), Oh My Ganache (OMG for short) and RV (Red Velvet). Like the flavors from every cupcake bakery we’ve ever sampled, and we’ve worked this mouth around plenty of frosting, there are some creations we like and some we love.

Here, OMG gets our vote, hands-down. Ganache is great, ganache is good, let us thank it for our food. That’s followed closely by Who You Callin’ Coconut, a delicious blend of white cake, white chocolate frosting and toasted coconut. They even stick a tiny Mounds Bar right on top for an extra bonus.

For now, Trailercakes has a minimum order of one dozen, plus a $12 delivery fee within a certain range. The cupcakes are $30 per dozen, so the math tells us one thing (and math never lies). You’ve gotta order several dozen to make that delivery fee inconsequential. But soon, they’ll sell the sweet darlings right out of their bakery in Richardson. You know, if you feel like going on a road trip.

But for now, we’ve got to let the good times roll. And with any luck, they’ll roll right into our mouths.