Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Men love cars and gays love dogs. So being a gay man, it’s often difficult to remember whether to neuter our Chrysler or flush the radiator on Spunky. (We think the confusion can be blamed on all those years we obsessively used on Sun In to appear more blonde. Some of the blondeness stuck.)

Well now, there’s a product that combines our passion for Pontiacs and pooches all at once. Introducing the line of pet collars and leashes from Buckle-Down, maker of all sorts of cool belt buckle items.

There’s nothing quite as adorable as miniatures (ah, we miss our first boyfriend sometimes), so these tiny little seat belt buckles that serve as closures for the collars are really cool. Adorned with a tiny bone, the true-action seat belt mechanism makes taking the collar on and off a snap. Or a click, to be more accurate.

Tons of great designs are available, too. If your dog is fond of Fords, there’s a collar for that. Or perhaps he’s jealous that all the guidos and suburban dads are hogging the Ed Hardy look. That’s where a collar like “Live Hard Die Young” fills that K-9 fashion void.

Matching leashes are also available for many designs, too.

So when it comes to fashion for your four-legged friend, there’s no reason to slam on the brakes and play it safe. Put the pedal to the metal and race to Buckle-Down’s web site for a great collar or leash. You’ll have the coolest dog at the dog park and isn’t that what really matters?

Also available at select PETCO stores and other pet boutiques