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Neon Tight

Eat At Joe’s. That’s the type of neon we’re used to seeing. But the newest collection from 2(x)ist conjures up entirely different images. And now the thought of eating at Joe’s gets us all tingly inside. Especially if Joe looks like the model above.

We happened to be in Los Angeles a few weeks ago when the new 2(x)ist Neon collection was unveiled and we immediately knew this was going to be a style that would excite a lot of guys. The fit is absolutely incredible and the 90% cotton/10% Spandex blend is always flattering. Everything looks bigger, better and buffer in 2(x)ist.

The neon colors are also a nice change of pace from the typical white and black that dominate our personal collection. We predict an underwear revolution as men everywhere ditch their Tighty Whities for Tighty Hibiscus. But don’t worry, even the white and black ones are cool with their vibrantly colored waistbands and leg trim.

So grab a few pairs and continue the great American tradition of using Neon to advertise something everybody wants.

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Starting at $16.00
Visit www.2xist.com for retail locations near you
Or visit one of our favorite places to get underwear, MensUnderwearStore.com

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Photo Credit: 2(x)ist