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Lesbian With A Capital L

Out of all the k.d.s in the world, lang is by far our favorite. k.d. couric is too chipper. k.d. holmes just creeps us out. And k.d. perry’s kind of a tramp.

But k.d. lang has such a smooth, pure voice that we swoon every time we hear it. In fact, it’s so persuasive, it almost makes us want to wear flannel. Fortunately for us, prime flannel season is over so we can more easily fight the urge.

The new album, k.d. lang and the Siss Boom Bang: Sing It Loud is filled with original tunes that are mostly all very laid-back and banjo-y without ever conjuring up thoughts of Deliverance. Okay, that’s a lie or we wouldn’t have thought to write that we weren’t thinking of it. But lang does offer what we can only describe as “classy banjo.” (The direct opposite of “White Trash harp music.”)

Our favorite track is the Talking Heads cover of Heaven, which is spectacular. Her calming tone is much better suited to the song than the more screechy original (though we like that one, too). We’re also fond of the album’s title track, Sing It Loud and Sugar Buzz. Are we actually turning country? No, we’re just going through an experimental phase.

Most of all, we just love the honesty of the album cover art. We’re sure that’s not the first time she’s sung into a big gaping hole, and for all her biggest fans out there, we hope it’s not the last.

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