Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Calyp Service

We have plenty of useless apps on our phone. Like Crazy Disco. Lightsaber. Martha Stewart’s Knitted Sex Toy Protectors & Cookie Pairings.

But now, there’s something that actually makes us money just for using it. (Like our wiener back when we were man-whores.)

It’s an application called Calyp, and it’s pretty much the future of social media. Now rather than just posting, “OMG. I luv Lady Gaga’s controversial new Pontius Pilate video,” you can endorse something you love and earn points when your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn friends click on the link.

And those points can quickly turn into cash. Or prizes. Once per month they give away a fantastic gift to one lucky endorser.

So how does all this work?

You only need a Facebook account to get started. Download the app and log in with your Facebook account. Choose the types of product or service categories you’re interested in, such as “Arts & Culture,” “Computers & Electronics,” “LGBT,” “Food & Drink” and several others.

Up to four times per day, you can endorse a product or service, rate it and then Calyp it. When you Calyp it, it posts to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn status with the tag “#SM” after it, so people know that it’s a sponsored message (not that you’re into S&M, though we endorse that, too). The cool thing is that you can completely customize the message so that it sounds like something you would really post. When people click to learn more, you get points!

Simply by creating an account, you get special offers from local businesses and earn 20,000 points (plus an extra 1,000 as a Gay List Daily reader) just for completing the setup process. At 50,000 points, you start accumulating cash that comes on a re-loadable debit card.

Phew! We know it sounds complicated, but really, it’s not. Calyp told us they already have people earning hundreds of dollars a week. The more friends and followers you have in your social network, the greater the earning potential.

So in these times of joblessness and a still-bad economy, isn’t it nice that simply liking Doritos, Glee or Bruno Mars can put money in your pocket? Now if only they can come up with a way for us to earn cash for hooking up on Grindr.

Available on iTunes and Android

Use the code GAYDAY to earn your extra 1,000 points.

Make sure to endorse us while you’re at it!