Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tray Bien

Handheld gadgets are definitely making our lives easier, but sometimes the mess associated with storing and keeping those devices charged is enough to make us crazy. Like Voting for Palin or Trump crazy.

Well, leave it to the smartypants over at Belkin to create a solution for our techie problems. Introducing the Conserve Valet, a smart USB charging station.

Why is it so smart, you ask? Well, it hasn’t beaten any human contestants on Jeopardy, but it has brought control into our world. The tray charges up to 4 USB devices at once (think SmartPhone, MP3 Player, digital camera, the Times Square New Year’s Ball). Cords are kept neat, too.

But the best part is that once all plugged-in devices are fully charged, the station shuts down to save energy. Even if you add a device to the chain while everything else is charged, it senses this and automatically juices up only what needs to be and then shuts down again.

Pretty cool, right? Put your keys by it and you’ll never be late for work because you’re searching for your most important items.

Now if only we could plug our car into it and avoid $4-per-gallon gas, we’d really have something to celebrate.