Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Royal Whetting

Is it just us or does the word “nuptials” sound like reproductive organs? It sort of makes sense, though. Both nuptials and genitals involve the coming together of two living organisms, sometimes they rub each other the wrong way, other times their union produces pure ecstasy. But only one is allowed to register for gifts at Crate & Barrel.

To commemorate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Gosselin taking place this week (William and Kate Plus Eight, anyone?), we’ve come down with a bad case of Queen’s Fever. And we’re also giddy about watching the ceremony.

To prepare, we’ve uncovered some apps that’ll make the whole pomp and circumstance of it all fit right into the palm of our hand. Whether testing our knowledge of the Royals or dolling William up in a dress, we’ve finally found a way to waste time at work that doesn’t involve tossing birds at pigs.

Our favorite, as you could easily guess, is Dress the Royals – Wedding Edition, a 99¢ app that allows users to dress up the entire family in whatever clothes you wish. Put a mustache on Camilla, a teddy on the Queen, then share with your friends!

We also found one that brings back one of our favorite game shows, Weakest Link with a Royal Wedding Edition twist. Also just 99¢, it’s got 10,000 general trivia questions to keep you entertained long after you tire of the 1,000 devoted to the wedding itself.

Travelers to London can find some great insider tips on London City Guide – Kate & Wills Edition, which highlights the royal couple’s favorite places to eat, shop and throw meatballs at commoners. And it’s free!

Of course, we’re still checking our mailbox daily for our invitation. And we promise to turn our phone off in the church.

These apps and many, many others available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad