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Sweat Nothings

You know how Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider and got super powers? We feel that way sometimes. Except for the spider and super powers part. But we do believe we have freakishly strong sweat production some times. Simply raising our index finger to signal another round of cocktails has been known to cause a perspiration stream of Niagara Falls volume and velocity.

A big chunk of our post-pubescent life has been spent in search of powerful antiperspirants and deodorants. Just because the label says XXXXXtreme, doesn’t necessarily make it better.

Let’s just say, when we got saw the words “natural” and “aluminum free” on the packaging for Every Man Jack, we had our doubts. So we tried it for two weeks and put it to the test by ordering multiple rounds of drinks and getting that index finger really moving. One day, we even walked quickly to the kitchen to push the limits.

Much to our surprise and pleasure, it worked. It really worked! The only downside, if any, is that we think Every Man Jack deodorant works best when it’s fully dry before putting a shirt on, so that adds a few minutes to our morning routine. But if it means eliminating at least one harsh chemical from our life, then we think we’ll be better for it.

The magic ingredients are lichen extract and rosemary, which are natural antibacterial agents that help control odor-causing bacteria (and make us daydream of steaks and mashed potatoes). Available in a very manly Cedarwood fragrance, as well as a refreshing Citrus, our favorite is the Signature Mint. The smell is subtle, but the cooling effect just makes us think cooler thoughts. And that’s half the battle. Mind over sweat glands.

So help make the world a better-smelling place by putting Every Man Jack on. Because civilized society can’t handle Every Man Jack off.




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