Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cinco De Macho

If you didn’t already know, today is Cinco de Mayo. And also the National Day of Prayer. So in honor of both holidays, we’re down on our knees praising the newest Mexican dining spot on the strip.

Here are our five favorite ways to get your Mex maxxed out at Macho Nacho.

Composed Nachos
As the restaurant’s name suggests, this place specializes in fried corn tortilla chips topped with all sorts of savory goodness. Personally, we like our nachos of the OCD variety where everything is in its place. Chip. Beans. Topping. Cheese. Nothing is left to chance.

The Fraternity completely won us over with its unexpected Greek twist on the nacho: seasoned ground lamb on refried white beans topped with jack and feta cheese, chopped tomato, pickled red onion and chipotle zitziki.

Chicken Fried Steak Taco
Don’t be fooled by the description on the menu. This item has been changed a couple times, but the newest version is sublime. Chicken Fried Steak inside a tortilla with lettuce, tomato and a side of spicy jalapeño cream gravy.

Skinny Queso
It’s the thirteenth sign of the Apocalypse according to the newest version of the Bible. But we don’t care, Skinny Queso is delicious. The magic chefs in the kitchen at Macho Nacho have created a light version of chile con queso that’s absolutely amazing. Each serving is just 120 calories and 4g fat with 26g of protein and 100 megabytes of flavor. Sure, the basket of chips we eat to scoop it up probably isn’t winning us any points with Richard Simmons, but surely he’ll forgive us.

Pork Tikka Masala Taco
By far the craziest selection on the menu, India meets Mexico in an effed up, totally scrumptious way. Slow braised pork in a tomato yogurt sauce with Indian spices, topped with a lightly dressed slaw, chopped cilantro and a curry chutney crema. Who knew such a bizarre combination could be so bueno.

Jarrito Cocktails
Everybody knows those bright-colored Mexican sodas. Well, here, they’ve combined them with booze and a few fresh ingredients to create something thirst-quenching, buzz-inducing and outright fantastic. The Mandarin Dreamsicle will surely bring back childhood memories, except this time you’ll be the one who gets drunk instead of yo mama.

Stop in to Macho Nacho today and find your own five favorite dishes. It’s an adventure, but one that everyone will surely enjoy.

4000 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(214) 520-2510
www.macho-nacho.com (web site still under construction)

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