Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fancy Foot Work

It’s always amazing when people take a classic design that has been around for decades, sometimes centuries, and make it better. Like the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Nubrella. Cher.

Often times it’s something that nobody ever thought needed improving until they actually try it. Take socks, for instance. Relatively unchanged since Reverend William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England invented a sock-knitting machine in 1589, this is an item we just assumed had reached its ultimate incarnation a long time ago.

Well, that’s before we tried on the No nonsense Flex Fit Sock. Featuring a trademarked Flexform design, these are socks that have special panels that move, stretch and bend with your foot’s natural movements. Plus, they wick away moisture and keep feet fresh enough for a little post-workout grape stomping.

There are several styles, but we really like the no-show version for running. It allows for a more even tan line, and eliminates concerns over sock-jacking hoodlums targeting people with fancy foot coverings.

Plus, these babies are made right here in the USA. Land of the free, home of the world’s most innovative sock. Take that, China!

So take all your old socks and turn them into dust rags. Donate them to charity. Or dust off your childhood Sheri Lewis routine. After all, isn’t it about time for the new season auditions of America’s Next Top Sock-Puppet Star?


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