Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Karr Of Our Dreams

As they say, the road from Nashville to New York is paved with hay and rainbow glitter. Or is that what they say about the Beekman Boys’ barn? We can never remember. What we do know is that singer-songwriter Morgan Karr found his way to New York from Tennessee and his success was nearly immediate. Today, he continues that trend with a self-titled EP dropping today.

His first adventures in NYC included a role in Spring Awakening on Broadway and a first-place win on Amateur Night at the Apollo. So he’s definitely got the chops. And he’s pretty damned cute, too. Right?

It drives us crazy that he’s tempting us like Eve in an apple tree with three little songs, though. We want more. How hard is it to write a 13-song album? Sheesh.

But that’s ok. We have a feeling there’s a lot more greatness to come from this young talent so we want to be among the first to recommend his album, no matter how small it is. It’s available digitally today on iTunes, so add a little more gay to your iPod and help support a struggling performer. (We’re just guessing he’s struggling, he may own a 16-story yacht for all we know.)

Remember the name Morgan Karr. We’re hoping to hear a lot more from him soon. But until then, he owes us a cocktail for tooting his horn. Or we can toot his horn for real and call it even.

Songs available today on iTunes

In New York this Friday?
Catch Morgan live at Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette Street (between E. 4th Street & Astor Place)
Tickets $15 and include a complimentary download of the EP
(212) 539-8778 for reservations or more info

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