Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We’ve Got Wood

There’s something about wood that makes us smile. We think it can be traced back to the Keebler Elves and their cookie-filled tree. Probably also explains our little-person fetish.

In this day of synthetic everything, we’re always happy to celebrate companies who are trying something different. And by different, we mean natural. That’s why we think Omerica Organic is so cool. They’re masters of woodcraft and the products they create are simple yet stunning.

If earrings are your thing, they’ve got you covered. Perhaps you prefer to decorate your lobes with a plug. They’ve got tons of cool options. We had no idea how complex the process of selecting the right plug to fill your hole could be. It involves a lot of math and we’re duly impressed with how easy they’ve made it to order the correct size.

As for us, we ditched our single earring years ago from our non-gay ear (yes, we thought we’d throw people off our trail with that charade). So we’re drawn more to the belt buckles than anything else. Whether you prefer simple wood grains like the photo above, or want to add something a little more graphic in nature, these belt buckles are striking enough to be the centerpiece of any jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble.

Visit Omerica Organic. Be proud to sport some wood.

Belt Buckle Shown Above: $50
Belt sold separately

Photo Credit: Rebecca Ramos