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We Like ‘Em Loose

Tea-bagging used to be one of our favorite things. But that was before we got a little more sophisticated. Now we’re loose-tea guys and we’re not about to change.

Sure, we’ve dabbled in the world of loose tea before, but it wasn’t until we discovered TheTeaSpot.com and all their cool tea gadgets (and great-tasting teas) that we truly understood the pleasures of really good tea.

Because we’re heading into summer, we’ve been brewing tea and serving it over ice. After all, when it’s 100 degrees outside we don’t want to put anything hot in our bodies. Well, except maybe Jesse Metcalf. (Hollah for the five-year-old Desperate Housewives reference!)

At The Teas Spot, they carry a line of Steepware products that have totally brought our brewing prowess to a whole new level. Take the Tuffy Tea Steeper (above). For less than nine bucks, this silicone tea infuser works with any mug to turn loose tea into pure, refreshing deliciousness.

And if you want something made specifically to create great iced tea, the Steep & Chill is an ideal way to make a full quart of iced tea.

As for the actual teas, Blood Orange Smoothie is one of our favorites. But they also have a whole section devoted to teas that taste best over ice and we recommend clicking over there first.

So whether you’ve been devoted to the leaf your entire life or you’re ready to explore the world of looseness for the very first time, this site is an amazing place to get your fix.

And say goodbye to tea bags forever.