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Windows Of Opportunity

Pardon us while we geek out for a minute and talk about something entirely unsexy: computer software. We know, we know. What’s next? Oven cleaner?

But our pledge to you is to alert you to the best products, no matter what they might be (except maybe pregnancy tests, which we’ve actually been sent and refuse to promote).

One day recently, we realized that the powerful tool we’re using this very second to type these words is one of our favorite things. After being perfectly satisfied with Microsoft Office for Mac 2004, we guess we got the proverbial seven-year itch and felt the urge to upgrade. We were told by others that the 2011 version would change our lives.

It did.

Admittedly, we’re not out there every day with our laser pointer at airport motels giving PowerPoint presentations. Even Excel spreadsheets are rare, except in cases where we need to create a pie chart for frequency of sex jokes in our stories (yeah, that pie’s just one big, solid circle).

No, for us Microsoft Word is our soul mate. It’s our bread and butter. Or at least it helps us butter our bread because the words we write within it help pay the bills. The fact that it makes it so much easier is just gravy. (Sorry, we’re hungry right now. Apparently for bread, butter and gravy.)

The advancements in Word (and across the entire software suite) are revolutionary. Sharing documents online is a breeze. Creating quick documents with dazzling templates? Better than ever. Incorporating graphics, videos, charts and web links make even the simplest document more robust, informative and entertaining.

If you’ve got a Mac, this is one opportunity to flirt with the dark side. (Apple devotees will understand our trepidation to praise anything Microsoft.) But here we are. Lovin’ Bill Gates and his greatest contribution to society: our ability to instantly spell check wiener gags as we type.

Thank you, Mr. Billionaire. Thank you.

Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2011

Download a free trial and test it out for yourself.