Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Livin’ La Vida Bolivian

Sometimes we wish we could snort our cocktails. You know, get the party started a little faster. It’d be like we were in an ’80s drug movie and all the glamour that comes with a straw up our nose, a naked ho by our side and margarita dripping down our chin.

Yeah, maybe snorting cocktails isn’t such a good idea. But we couldn’t help making the connection when we tried AGWA de Bolivia, a new cocktail derived from the coca leaf – you know, the source of (shhhhhhh…) cocaine.

Of course, they’ve taken all the crazy out and given us something extremely flavorful instead, just in time for pool party season.

There’s plenty of drama to get this from the Andes to our lips, too. Wild Bolivian coca leaves are shipped under armed guard to Amsterdam to be macerated and de-cocainized. Sounds like the new plot for our gay James Bond screenplay.

The result is a 60-proof liqueur with a beautiful green hue that tastes as amazing as it looks.

There are plenty of great cocktails utilizing AGWA de Bolivia, but our favorite is also the simplest – the Bolivian Kiss, which isn’t even a cocktail at all. Chill a bottle in the freezer along with several shot glasses. When your friends come over, slice a lime into wedges and pour a few ice-cold shots. Suck the lime, slam the AGWA and experience a unique sensation.

It doesn’t burn like tequila. It’s not overly sweet like some liqueurs. And it actually feels like it energizes. We’re normally not much into shots (unless they come from a scantily clad shot boy at a bar), but these are pretty damned fun.

Because, kids, cocaine is cool. But only when you drink it. And mix it with lemonade and a splash of pomegranate juice over ice. We call it…the Nancy Reagan.

Just say yes!

$27.99, 750ml
Available online at www.bevmo.com