Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Place Or Ours?

When the opportunity arises to take a quick trip to a foreign country to report on Virgin Mary images appearing on Hot Pockets, gay pride parades in Antarctica, or Ireland’s first Protestant dog mayor, we don’t always have time to learn the local language.

Typically, our Gay List Daily Linguistic Task Force prepares a dossier for our journey with every possible phrase and pronunciation detailed to the very last circumflex. But with budget cuts, we’ve had to consolidate that department with the Gay List Bureau of Underwear Organization for maximum fiscal efficiency.

So how will we get around the back alleys of Paris now? The sex clubs of Mexico? The cocktail lounges of the Vatican?

Well, fear not world travelers, a new app is out that we absolutely love. It’s called TripLingo.

Featuring useful phrases that might actually get used (not, “Can you show us the way to the library’s medieval history section?”), it’s available in a variety of popular languages. Categories range from Basic Conversation and Emergencies to Flirting and Nightlife (“Where can we go dancing?” “One more, please.” “Six more, please.”).

The best part, within each phrase category are several translations ranging from slang to formal, depending on the situation, such as whether you’re chatting up a queen or The queen (Buckingham Palace is like a second home to us, you know). Each phrase then has an audio pronunciation in both slow and fast speeds and a visual phonetic pronunciation, too, in case you’re in a loud venue. Like the space shuttle during takeoff.

So next time you travel, download the appropriate TripLingo app and speak like a native. How well you fit in wearing that “World’s Gayest Man” t-shirt is your problem.

$4.99 to $7.99 depending on language
(Pirate version, free)