Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let It Glo, Let It Glo, Let It Glo

It’s not that often that we get excited about a candle. OK, we’re lying. We get excited about candles all the time. Perhaps it’s because now that we’re adults, we’re actually able to light them and enjoy watching them burn. Burn, candle, burn!

Growing up, our mom had all sorts of really cool candles. Elves. Owls. Cats dressed like pumpkins. Not only were we not allowed to touch them, we most certainly weren’t allowed to light them. They were just waxy decorations. We’re pretty sure there’s a Christmas candle in the decoration building (yes, she has an entire building devoted to the stuff) that dates back to the 1950s, its wick still a virgin.

But PartyLite might just be enough to get dear old mama to whip out her lighter and enjoy their newest creation: GloLite.

This is a pillar candle unlike any other we’ve ever seen (or used to recreate the Madonna-Willem Dafoe hot-wax sex scene in Body of Evidence. After lighting the wick, the entire candle glows from top to bottom, creating a warm, welcoming vibe that completely transforms a room.

Perfect for your next summer party, rolling blackout or group bubble bath, GloLite will get people talking. They really are that cool. Sold through a Mary Kay-type system of consultants, it’s easy to find one with just a couple clicks or quick phone call to place your order.

The best part about GloLite pillars is that they last a really, really long time. Sure, not 60 years like the Santa Claus candle that goes on the mantel each year, but pretty darn close.

3″x4″ (lasts 40-55 hours) – $12.95
3″x5″ (lasts 60-75 hours) – $14.95
3″x6″ (lasts 85-105 hours) – $16.95
(888) 999-5706