Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Gay Walks Into A Bar…

It’s the dilemma we have every year. What do we give as Gay Pride Month gifts for all the Gs, Ls, Bs, and Ts in our life? Collectively, we’re a very difficult people to buy for.

Appliances are too impersonal (unless they’re personal appliances, wocka-wocka). Gift cards lack imagination. And those edible fruit “flower” arrangements are just about the biggest waste of money we’ve ever seen.

Plus, even though it’s Gay Pride – the highest of holidays just after Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Yom Kippur, Mardi Gras, Easter, birthdays, Lady Gaga Album Release Day, Earth Day, National Cupcake Week, Groundhog Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, April Fool’s Day, Arbor Day, Thyroid Awareness Month, the full moon, Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, Seis de Octubre, Siete de Diciembre, Barbie in a Blender Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, International Take Secret Videos of a Naked Guy in the Locker Room Day, Spring Break, Mary-Kate and Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day and Southern Decadence – we don’t have the budget to spend too much on all our homo hombres and hombras.

That’s why we really dig The Lifestyle Collection from The Chocolate Traveler. Featuring round, rainbow-colored tins depicting two women or two men arm-in-arm, each is filled with eight wedges of delicious dark chocolate that are absolutely perfect for sharing.

Or keeping to yourself as an emergency snack for National Stuck in an Elevator Day.

$3.99/tin (buy more and save)
(800) 819-1989