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Chill Without A Pill

Ambien. Tylenol PM. Half a bottle of The Macallan. For many, these are the keys to a relaxing evening. For us, it takes all three. Combined. With a chloroform chaser.

But that was before we decided to give RelaxZen a shot. We’d heard people call it “liquid pot” so we knew it was either going to make us really chilled out, or cause us to scarf down a dozen Jack in the Box tacos and a couple hundred Mini Churros. And possibly tell everyone how much we love them.

Thankfully, it didn’t make us hungry. Or express latent feelings. What it did do was provide a nice, calm euphoria. We didn’t feel drunk. We didn’t feel stoned. We simply felt, well, relaxed. Just like the package promised.

It’s not a sleep aid, per se, so don’t expect it to knock you out. Instead, its mellowing effects make it easier to catch a few ZZZs naturally.

The tiny shot has zero calories, zero sugar and zero fat. All of RelaxZen’s formulas are made with vitamins, various amino acids and other naturally occurring ingredients, like chamomile extract and magic fairy dust.

There’s even a daytime version that is supposed to help keep you calm, yet focused, throughout the day.

Both formulas worked for us and now we’re believers.

So try a night without pharmaceuticals and drink a shot instead. Put an umbrella in it and you’ve got yourself one kick-ass, tropical-themed slumber party.

Available at drug and convenience stores nationwide, or online.
$14.81/6-pack at Amazon.com (cheapest price we found)