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Going Steady

Years ago, we stumbled across GorillaPod, a flexible camera tripod that came in handy any time we wanted to take a photo in a strange place. We could attach it to a tree in the woods. To a pirate’s leg on a bad booze cruise in the Caribbean. Or to a stripper pole if we wanted to send Mom a photo of us being tea-bagged by our husband-to-be.

Yes, GorillaPod is an amazing device. So we got to wondering if they made one for our iPhone. It all started because of this awesome new camera app that we tell EVERYONE about called Camera+ that features all sorts of handy filters, cropping tools and frames for near-professional pics that we can quickly upload to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, e-mail or simply to our phone’s photo album. The most important part, however, is that it also has a timer feature so we can get all our friends together in a single frame.

Because balancing our phone on boulders, parrots or wiener bulges proved too complicated. And expensive, after many, many dropped phones. We quickly went to the GorillaPod site and found that they had answered our prayers. They have a version for every iPhone on the market and a multi-use one for most other mobile phones. All with the signature GorillaPod flexibility.

Plus, it has a standard adapter for any camera. That way, if you don’t already have a GorillaPod, you only have to buy a single unit.

So next time you want to update your profile pic and you don’t want that awkward outstretched arm that comes standard with every other self portrait, check out our new best friend, GorillaMobile. It doesn’t eat bananas or know sign language like all the movie apes, but we can learn to love it anyway.

$39.95 (iPhone 4 version, other prices vary)