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Poolside Rim Job

How many times has this happened? You make the perfect margarita, pour it into your glass, and then realize that you forgot to salt the rim. This means you either have to start over with a fresh glass or try to turn your existing glass over really, really, really quickly to dip into the salt tray without spilling a drop. This rarely ends well.

So when the good folks over at Daily Grommet sent us The Barmaid handheld drink rimmer device, we knew we were in for one delicious rimming marathon. Lemon sugar on our spiked lemonades. Lime Salt on our margaritas. And chocolate raspberry sugar on our personal trainer.

The device works like a champ. Simply rim the glass with citrus (or water works almost as well), press the plunger and apply the sugar, salt or spice of your choice. It works on all shapes and sizes of glasses, including plastic.

Even though we discovered that the salt didn’t adhere too well to those ubiquitous red plastic cups, we weren’t dismayed. After all, if you’re still using those red cups at a party and there aren’t three giant Greek letters above your front door, or you’re out in a field in the country having a picnic by a pond filled with parasitic fish, you shouldn’t be using them. You’re an adult. Your friends are adults. Use real glasses. (Stay tuned to this site for our recently filmed public service announcement with Michelle Obama about the effects on society of using plastic cups.)

The Barmaid is available on its own, with a set of spice tubes or with a selection of five exotic salts and sugars. We think you’ll agree, The Barmaid makes rimming so easy, even your Grandma can do it. She’ll be the hit of your next party. Promise.

$8.95 spice sampler
$29.95 – $36.95 Barmaid drink rimmer and spice sets