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Dragging To Hell

Last summer, one of the most long-awaited reunions took place on the small screen. And no, we don’t mean Blossom: The E! True Hollywood Story. Though that was pretty cool.

More exciting was The Kids in the Hall reteaming for an eight-episode series called Death Comes to Town. Because it was on the Independent Film Channel, it probably didn’t get as many viewers as it deserved. So we’re thrilled that it’s finally out on DVD in all its twisted glory.

The ambitious show features Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley and Scott Thompson (a.k.a. “the Kids”) portraying 20 different citizens of the small burg of Shuckton, Canada. Snaggle-toothed, beer-bellied, cod-piece-wearing Death arrives to take a soul when one of the town’s most beloved citizens is murdered. What ensues is a deliriously wacky whodunit that unfolds with quirky twists, off-beat characters, and beautiful Canadian scenery.

TKITH has long gotten laughs from its men playing women. Our favorite here is Heather Weather (Thompson), an ambitious meteorologist vying for the lead newscaster role as the town’s biggest story unfolds with Live. Breaking. News.

But it’s Foley as the mayor’s alcoholic wife who’s the most beautiful (and believable) of all. Other great characters include a grief counselor who works part-time as a clown on stilts, a pizza-delivery woman with Alzheimer’s (she calls it “the fuzzies”), a morbidly obese adult orphan who’s confined to his couch and a Prabbi. You know, half-priest, half-rabbi.

So as summer begins and TV becomes dominated by D-list reality series (I’m A Bachelorette, Get Me Outta Here! I KNOW I Can Dance!), grab this DVD today, but parse out the episodes in weekly doses so the hilarity can last until at least the end of July.

As for August, you’re on your own. At least until the new Blossom-related reality spin-off debuts with the star launching her own cupcake shop/fertility clinic. That’s So Mayam!, indeed.

$22.49, 2-disc DVD set with bonus features

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