Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

High On Tequila

What is it about summer that makes us so obsessed with tequila? In the past week, we’ve already told you about tequila cupcakes in Dallas, a little gadget for the perfect salty rim job, an interview with the always-hilarious Pam Ann, whom we assume likes the occasional gallon of the liquor.

So yes, we appear duly obsessed.

Is it because margaritas are such a warm-weather staple? Or perhaps that tequila makes people take their clothes off easier? We’ll pretend the latter doesn’t matter and go with the margarita. Final answer.

Funny, though, when we were sent a bottle of Tequila Avión to try, we found ourselves drinking it on the rocks and enjoying its purity. The small-batch premium tequila has wonderful aromas of mint and rosemary and even a little citrus, but we mostly like it because it’s so smooth. Many tequilas cause you to “make the face,” but this one doesn’t. It’s an elegant sipper.

Hell, this tequila is so nice, it was included in last year’s Neiman Marcus holiday catalog as part of a $125,000 party package. We were going to buy it, but Neiman’s got a hold of our file and saw that our alcohol consumption would actually cause them to lose money on the purchase, so they sent us his-and-his submarines instead.

Now we’re getting the last laugh because we’ve finally tasted the pleasures of Avión (Spanish for “airplane”), so-named because the agave plants are harvested from the very highest peaks of the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Next time you’re looking to get high, think of an airplane first. And then translate it into Spanish. And then buy a bottle of Avión. And then drink that bottle. And then laugh because you’re tipsy. Then send us a thank-you note for turning you on to a great new tequila and getting all your friends naked faster.

Just send us photos, please.

$49.99 suggested price, 750ml
(but we’ve found it for less than $40)

Click here to purchase online