Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bald, Limp Or Wrinkled?

We’ve always loved Advanced Skin Fitness. It’s where we get our Dysport did. And now, it’s where we’re headed for those things we don’t normally like to talk about in print to thousands of readers.

Actually, it’s just next door that owner William Moore has launched a new facility called Advanced Men’s Clinic to address the sensitive needs of dudes. As we grow older, we get hair where we don’t want it, lose it where we do, and often find that our flesh-poker no longer fires on all cylinders. Of course, even young men have issues that AMC can help.

The new facility specializes in treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone therapy and hair restoration. If you need a combo pack of all of the above, we’re sure he’ll make you a really good deal. Just ask him to Whatasize it.

Of course, a host of other services are also available for men. Like laser hair removal. (We like to get it removed and then go back and have it restored, just to make sure they’re doing their job.) Body contouring treatments, microdermabrasion, acne treatment, and photo facial are also available. Oh, and Daddy’s little helper, Dysport, too.

Best of all, they’ll get you results that can’t be denied. See that guy in the photo above? When he first came in, he was just your average 83-year-old balding man with sagging arms, a beer belly and breasts that spontaneously lactated during lightning storms. Now, he’s like new thanks to Advanced Men’s Clinic.

Or it could be diet and exercise. And he’s probably not that old now that we think about it. Actually, most of the paragraph above is not true. Except the part about Advanced Men’s Clinic working miracles. They’re up for sainthood, you know.

So stop in for a free consultation soon from Bill, Patron Saint of Botox. And founder of Our Lady of Boners When You Want ‘Em.

2928 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(Private Men's Entrance on side of building)
(214) 521-5277