Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drink In The Truth

When we were kids, we were never very good at the whole lemonade stand thing. We drank most of it before we ever sold a drop. It would be the equivalent of us having a martini stand today.

But even as adults, we still associate lemonade with summer. It’s probably equal parts nostalgia, equal parts pure deliciousness. Knowing our tendency to over-consume, though, we are always on the search for a lower-calorie version that won’t leave us looking like Shamu (the kind that doesn’t kill its trainer, mind you) in a swimsuit.

That’s why we’re got a summer crush on Honest Ade beverages from Honest Tea. They have tons of options that are 50 calories or fewer, and even a couple zero-calorie ones (like Classic Lemonade) that don’t taste diet in the slightest. That’s because they use Stevia (but we prefer to call it Stevia Nicks).

All the ingredients are organic, too. Sure, there’s not much real juice in any of them, but if you’re concerned about that, suck on a lemon instead.

So hit the pool with a bottle of Honest Ade and enjoy the flavors of summer. Then add some vodka and enjoy the flavors of summer in Russia. Da! Da! Da!

$2/bottle at stores
$23.99 per 12-pack online