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Ribbed For His Pleasure

People who fly on airplanes and thrust their seats back without consideration of those behind them should be thrown out of the emergency exit door at 30,000 feet. Flying coach is bad enough without people who think an extra four inches will make a difference. Trust us, four inches never makes anyone happy.

This may seem like a random rant, but it’s not. We’re sitting here typing this story on a flight right now, laptop folded up like a taco, our limp-wristed hands dipped into it searching for the keys like they’re soaking in Palmolive preparing for a white-trash manicure. It’s miserable.

So all this got us thinking about the importance of comfort. And we realized that the highlight of this cramped situation right now is our undershirt. Yes, the most unsung of all garments is the only thing keeping us in our happy place right now.

That’s because we’re wearing a RibbedTee. Designed by super-cute Mikel Schwarz, who unsuccessfully tried to find shirts that fit properly, then created a solution to the problems of many a man.

RibbedTee shirts never lose their shape, unlike some of our American Apparel undershirts that look more haggard and stretched out than their models. The shirts are all longer cut so they stay tucked in. Collars don’t sag. And the streamlined fit means no bunching around the waist or arms, creating dreaded bulges.

They’re made right here in the U.S., too. But more importantly, however, their site features super-sexy guys that make us want to rip their shirts off with our teeth. We’re just too busy sharpening them for the guy next to us who decides to whip out his SkyRest Travel Pillow.

Starting at $18.50 for 2-packs

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