Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Meet The Flockers

It used to get us really excited to see the words “Beverly Hills” on a product. Immediately, we felt rich, famous and eager for our first sex scandal. Because we were only seven, our Mom stopped buying such products.

Now that we’re old enough to make our own purchase decisions, however, we still find ourselves fond of anything to do with the world’s most famous zip code. From our cops and Chihuahuas to our Giorgio cologne, if it’s got the BH name on it we know we’re going to like it.

So when we found a box of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills products sitting on our desk, we predicted love (plus it was on our fortune cookie at lunch). We keep our hair pretty short, so we found our dream product immediately: Nick’s SoftFlocker. Completely reinvented and formulated into a cream from his wildly popular original-formula Flocker, it’s perfect for providing texture and just a tiny bit of shine.

We even tried it on a friend with longer hair and he thought it was amazing, too. Plus, it smells great and doesn’t ever feel greasy – unlike our friend.

The best part of all is that it’s very affordable for a superior hair care product. A four-ounce jar has lasted us more than a month already and there’s still two-thirds left. That’s a pretty good value if you ask us.

Plus, it comes with that coveted Beverly Hills name that will make all your friends jealous when they snoop through your medicine cabinet – unlike the expression on their faces when they find Old Milwaukee in the fridge.

$26.00, 4 oz. jar

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