Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Priscila, Queen of the Facial

A funny thing happened when we went to the plastic surgeon. We didn’t get anything nipped, tucked, sucked, enhanced or reduced. Except maybe our pores, which came out much smaller, thank you.

We realized pretty quickly, what better place to get a facial than right inside a plastic surgeon’s office? If it turns out we do need that extra breast removed from our face, or an artful lengthening of our demure crack, the doctor is just down the hall. In fact, Dr. Ramsey J. Choucair or Dr. Sam T. Hamra may just pop in to answer any questions. You know, about that extra toe on your knee.

But on the Skin Care Professionals side, it’s Priscila M. Campbell who’s scrubbed in and ready to make your face glow. And glow, it does. Like a candle not in the wind.

Based on our personal skin analysis, she treated us with a hydrating facial and mild microdermabrasion. We finished with a pumpkin enzyme mask with a steam treatment to soften and loosen the dead skin cells. And, of course, we had those lovely pore extractions that make you want to slap your grannie’s ghost.

Everything ends on a high note, however, with a yogurt and cucumber mask to soothe everything and make your face smell like a lamb-less Gyro (don’t worry, that’s a good thing).

The only downside is that the office can be a little tricky to find if you go in the wrong tower or take the wrong elevator in the correct tower. But once you find it, you’ll always remember your way back. (Good skin care has a way of improving the memory.)

All this expertise for less than a hundred bucks. Getting the nipple on your elbow lanced, just a little bit more.

$95 for most facials
The Skin Care Professionals
9301 North Central Expressway Suite 551 (Tower II), Dallas
(214) 754-9001