Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blow Hard

Oh, that James Dyson. He truly is the master of reinvention. First, the vacuum cleaner. Then, the hand dryer. And now the oscillating fan. What’s next? The Dyson Wheel?

We’ve always admired Dyson products from afar, like fine museum pieces that we’re afraid to touch because they’re so beautiful. Then we got a Dyson Air Multiplier, the sexiest fan ever imagined.

The bladeless design is so cool it could double as a piece of fine sculpture, but in operation it’s a marvel of engineering. An annular jet draws in surrounding air and multiplies it 15 times, creating a sublime cooling effect no matter how hot the room.

We tried it out one night in place of our overhead ceiling fan and the difference was incredible. We slept cooler and the calming sound of the oscillation kept us in a deep sleep all night long. (Dreaming of owning more Dyson products.)

Its dimmer control means getting precisely the air speed you want, too, not simply a 1, 2 or 3 option. Like all Dyson products, this one isn’t cheap. But it’s designed to last a lifetime. In fact, we just updated our will to be buried with it. Trust us, we’re going to need to be cool where we’re headed.

Dyson 10” Air Multiplier, $299.99