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Shreveport: Drinks

Shrevport DrinksOne of the best things about Louisiana is its drive-through daiquiri joints. People will fight you over which one is the greatest, but everybody is allowed their opinion. We were taken to Cajun Daquiris on East 70th Street, which we were promised is a much more “authentic” version that other locations of the same brand. This one definitely had character. And the drinks are stroooong. Particularly the Michelle Obama and Barack Obama varieties we sampled off-menu (you have to know to ask for those). A simple paper bag and a piece of tape is all that stands between you and a delicious daiquiri — and any obscure open container regulations.

Cajun Daiquiris
246 E 70th Street
Shreveport, LA
(318) 868-4660
Shrevport Drinks2
One of our favorite experiences of the entire weekend in Shreveport was a visit to Lucky Liquor. An old bar on movie studio property, it’s not in the best neighborhood. That’s why you have to be buzzed in. But once inside, it’s a bar/liquor store filled with friendly locals ready to share their neighborhood hangout with a few new friends. Specialty of the house? 40-ounce beers. Perfect for sharing. If you’re lucky, Doris (pictured) will be there to serve you. She may even show you how loud the jukebox can go — all from her command behind the bar. We didn’t get to meet him, but the owner’s name is Poo Poo. How can you not love a bar with so much character? And if you don’t trust our opinion, how about Hollywood mega-director Joel Schumacher? He filmed scenes for his upcoming Nicole Kidman flick at this very bar.
Lucky Liquor
161 Christian Street, Shreveport, LA
(318) 221-2148

Cajun Daiquiri Photos by Rod Orta