Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

I Dream Of Queenie

What gay boy didn’t pretend to have magic powers to create a world where everything was sparkly, fantastic and completely under his control? We know we spent hours every day of our childhood in the backyard, alternating between our self-appointed multiple personalities: Wonder Woman, Samantha Stephens and Jeannie, Barbara Eden’s sexy bottle dweller.

It’s only looking back now that we realize Wonder Woman and Jeannie are solely responsible for our decades-long fascination with tits. Ironic, we know.

So we feel like kindred spirits with author Eric Poole after reading his new book, “Where’s My Wand?”

While all the other boys were playing Cowboys and Indigenous Americans, Poole was dressing up in homemade caftans as Endora from Bewitched, where he’d practice casting spells. And presumably finding new ways to mispronounce “Darrin.”

“Where’s My Wand?” is a humorous, heartwarming chronicle of one gay boy’s life in the 1970s and how he turned to the magic of creativity to escape his family’s crazy shenanigans and life-altering situations. Clearly, it helped him develop a killer sense of humor because this book is laugh-out-loud hilarious and the perfect read for the beach this summer.

Or hiding out in your parents’ shag-carpeted basement.

$16.47 at Amazon.com
$9.99 on iBooks and Kindle eBook