Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Morning Wang

When the good folks at Howard Wang’s China Bistro introduced their Chinese Brunch they decided to combine the two words and simply call it Chrunch. Which is good because combining Chinese and Breakfast yields Breaknese. Ouch. Wang’s Breakfast combined would be pronounced Wangfest and that would bring in a group of gays looking for something entirely different.

When we wrote about Howard Wang’s for dinner, we predicted we’d award them with our coveted Brunch of the Month status as soon as we tried it. Our psychic powers were right.

The food is plentiful, affordable, and unlike anything we’ve had anywhere in Dallas. The ubiquitous “our version of Eggs Benedict” doesn’t even grace the menu. Thank God.

Each meal begins with the best hot and sour soup in town, plus wonton chips and a Chinese-style jalapeño salsa that’s only available at brunch. We were already full, but then came the parade of food.

Basil Sriracha fried rice with Berkshire pork belly and a fried egg (pictured). Shanghai scrambled egg with chicken, Chinese sausage and shrimp served with kung pao potatoes (peanuts and potatoes? Who knew that was such a good combination?) General Tsao’s chicken over veggie pancakes. Sichuan long bean and Chinese sausage over an omelet.

All were amazing, but a standout was the Sichuan egg foo young (available with chicken, pork, beef or seafood.) The egg foo young here is a fluffy omelette stuffed with cabbage, onions and a spicy gravy. Insanely delicious.

Each entrée so cleverly incorporates eggs that even egg haters will be happy.

But we’ve saved the best tidbit for last. Chrunch costs a mere $20. And that includes soup, wontons, your choice of entrée and limitless wasabi Bloody Marys or lychee Mimosas. Not in the mood to drink? Then food is just $10. Prefer to only drink? Limitless booze is just 12 bucks.

In the morning, in the evening, ain’t we got Wang’s! Everybody sing along!

Brunch available Saturday and Sunday
3223 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas
(214) 954-9558



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