Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

This, Too, Shall Sass

Just when you thought the bitchiest thing in your inbox was yesterday’s Gay List Daily, along comes one of our favorite e-greetings ever. Well, second only to the animated party invitation we received last week with Rep. Michelle Bachman hanging from a tree like a piñata being smashed open by children using the femur of Glenn Beck. Our RSVP? Hell yes! (+ guest).

Now along comes “Sassy Gay Friend” greetings from Stargreetz.com. Sure, we all have a sassy gay friend of our own. He just wasn’t smart enough to make money on the Internet peddling his lispy barbs.

The creation of Second City comedian Brian Gallivan, these customizable greetings allow you to pick the name of the recipient (though some names aren’t options, like if you want to send a “Congrats, Bitch!” greeting to Barack when he solves this budget thingy.) Choose from birthday, graduation or anniversary greetings, as well as a variety of party invitations.

Then poof! Sassy Gay Friend announces your friend’s name, calls him or her by the nickname from a selection of choices like Sister, Tramp or Big Spender and within seconds you’ve got a greeting that will have your priest, grandma or Mennonite hooker ROTFLing.

But wait, there’s more! You can even get a Sassy Gay Friend ringtone. Just don’t blame us when your phone rings while standing at a urinal in a crowded bathroom and your pocket starts screaming, “This is your sassy gay friend. Pick up your phone, you dumb slut!”

$2.99 per greeting or ringtone