Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Twist & Squat

We admit it. We love those vitamin drinks when we’re working out. We used to think they were healthy because of the word Vitamin on the label, but they’re about the same calories and sugar content as a can of cola. And we would never think of drinking a Coke before a workout.

But we think we’ve found a solution after trying a new product called Activate. They’ve done research and discovered that vitamins lose their potency when sitting in water (just like Hugh Hefner in a hot tub). Through an innovative product design, they’ve created a way to deliver active ingredients that are stored in the cap of the bottle.

Simply twist the cap before you open the beverage and a dose of nutrients is delivered directly to the water. Shake to mix and feel the power as it surges through your body!

Activate comes in formulas like Workout, Antioxidant, Immunity, Energy and Vitamin. They’re all sweetened with all-natural Stevia, so unlike other vitamin drinks, these have zero calories.

Plus, the bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, which translates to 37% fewer CO2 emissions than virgin plastic used for other bottles. That means Activate alone saves 29,812,005 bottles from landfills each year. We have a big ol’ Goregasm just thinking about it.

If you can’t find Activate in your favorite stores, you can purchase the beverages online. But shipping bottles filled with water can be expensive, so they also offer packages of their nutrient-filled caps that you can simply add to any bottle of water. Very considerate if you ask us.

Try Activate and consider your thirst officially quenched.

4-pack of Activate: $9.20
8-pack of filled caps: $16.00