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ProFit & Loss

Remember the days when taking music with you on a jog meant three rolls of duct tape to keep the boom box strapped to your back? We looked like fools, but amazingly, we lost a ton of weight. Perhaps it was Olivia Newton-John’s Physical on cassette that motivated us, or the fact that the boombox weighed 20 pounds. Can’t be sure which.

When iPods came out, it was much easier to take our music to-go. But iPhones have always been a challenge. Fitness armbands were bulky, or didn’t fit the phone well enough. And accessing it if one of our corporate bosses at Gay List Daily Japan called while we were up to .2 miles per hour in our mall walking was a real challenge.

So now, we use the Belkin ProFit specially designed for our iPhone 4. It has a really snug fit that makes it feel like a part of our body. (Just like that sock in our pants.)

It’s made of moisture-wicking material, too, so you don’t have to take your phone back to the Apple Store because of moisture damage. (iB.O. is the worst.) Plus, even if that not-so-fresh feeling can’t be avoided, it’s completely hand washable.

The Belkin ProFit also has a safety stripe if you find yourself wearing an all-black jogging suit and taking a midnight roller blade through the Australian outback. It would suck to get run over by a Subaru. (Or a Kangaru.)


Or purchase right now at Apple.com (they’re out of stock on the Belkin site!)