Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pop Sensation

It’s a well-documented fact: We love putting stuff in our mouths. But when the heat is sweltering, our makeup is oozing down our face, and the last polar bear has plunged into the ocean because his piece of ice transportation has melted, we want to wrap our lips around something frigid. And Michele Bachman makes us really queasy.

But a gourmet popsicle? That’s a treat that can stay parked on our tongue the rest of the summer. And thanks to Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the world’s coolest frozen treat appliance, we can turn just about anything into a feast for the senses.

The pop maker is simple, yet expertly designed. No detail has gone unnoticed. From the decorated, reusable pop sticks to the drip guards and tools for adding fruit stars and hearts (somewhere there’s a pissed-off leprechaun whose thunder has been stolen), you can quickly and easily create some show-stopping desserts.

Simply freeze the mold for 24 hours (we keep ours in the freezer at all times for last-minute pop emergencies). Follow one of their easy, delicious recipes, or simply pour in your favorite juice and in seven minutes you’ve got an amazing (sometimes healthy) treat.

We had a pool party last weekend and whipped up some strawberry-banana pops that were the hit of the event. (Well, not counting the free-flowing booze.) From totally basic recipes like lemonade pops to the more extravagant Chocolate Coconut Cookie Mayhem, the possibilities are endless.

Our only gripe is that you have to buy many of the accessories and useful tools separately. We’d love to see a Zoku Quick Pops Extravaganza Kit that includes the recipe book and specialty tools all in one package.

But don’t get us wrong. This thing is sooooo much fun to use. And because we control the ingredients, we know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies. (Which is more than we can say for our weekly trip to the “men’s clothing optional spa” across the tracks.)

Zoku Quick Pops
Kits start at $36.95