Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ear Delicious

Accessorizing isn’t always easy, especially for guys. As we’ve lamented countless times, we’re pretty much limited to shoes, watches and demon-horn implants if we want to make a fashion statement.

But now, we can show off our stylin’ ways while listening to our slow jams on the subway or talking on the phone to our dog’s psychic. All thanks to the iFrogz line of ear buds with built-in microphones. Ditch the boring ones that came with your phone, digital music player or Cassette Walkman and pick a pair with some high-intensity flair.

They come in a variety of fashion colors that say, “Hey, I’m gay!” as well as an iconic radioactive symbol that says, “Hey, I’ve seen Silkwood!” The sound quality is terrific. The buds are compatible with iPhone, iPod, BlackBery and just about anything with a standard 3.5mm jack. But our favorite feature is the multiple tip sizes.

Because when we say “Just the tip, please,” we want to make sure everything fits as snugly as possible.

Plugz style, $19.99
Ozone style (shown above), $24.99
Tons of other options around the same price