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Natchitoches: Eats

Natchitoches EatsEating in Louisiana, like shopping in Dallas, is a full-contact sport. You’ve got to throw your whole body into enjoying the great food available in abundance from the smallest towns to big cities like New Orleans. So it should come as little surprise that Natchitoches has its own signature cuisine.

We were only in town for two nights, so we didn’t get to try too many places to eat, but two restaurants stood crawfish head and pork shoulders above the rest thanks to a couple famous signature dishes.

If you only have time for one meal in Natchitoches, for whatever reason, make sure it’s before 3:00 because that’s what Lasyone’s Meat Pie Kitchen & Restaurant closes. And if you only have time for two meals, you may want to make them both at Lasyone’s. (We actually did eat there TWICE.)

There are dozens of places around town that serve Natchitoches meat pies, but of the ones we sampled elsewhere, we can wholeheartedly declare Lasyone’s the winner based on our own research. The flaky, meat-filled pie (shown above)  is simply divine. Natchitoches Cajun PotatoThe crust is buttery and melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the filling has just the right amount of spice and variety of ingredients. Our second visit was centered on trying the equally delicious crawfish pie. We suggest getting one of each and saving a meal for one of the other restaurants in town.

A close second for favorite dish is just around the corner at Merci Beaucoup. Their top-selling dish is the Cajun Potato. A large baked potato is stuffed with crawfish etoufee and one or two jumbo fried shrimp (depending on how much you want to pay). It’s served with a simple garden salad so you don’t feel so guilty, as well as a side of hot French bread. The photo doesn’t do the dish justice, but in our defense, it is a brown mess on a plate. But oh-so-delicious.

Laissez les bon appetit rouler!

Lasyone’s Meat Pie Kitchen & Restaurant
622 Second Street
Telephone: (318) 352-3353
Merci Beaucoup Restaurant
127 Church Street
(318) 352-6634

Photos by Rod Orta