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Naan Of Their Business

If there’s one thing we remember most from our volunteer years, it was the lack of quality Indian cuisine.

During our Snarky Writers Without Borders stint in Tortilla Flat, Arizona, we’d have to create our own curry from ketchup and leftover McNugget dipping sauces.

When we ran the Peace Corp expedition to Monowi, Nebraska (population: 1), it was the longest three years of our life without a decent Tikka Masala anywhere.

And our short-but-brutal time served in Greenpeace fighting to keep the Albino Glow-in-the-Dark Three-Eyed Monkey Fish from going extinct in the deep waters of Farmer Stinton’s .25-acre pond in Golden, Mississippi, was entirely void of vegetarian options.

If only there had been frozen, restaurant-quality, authentic Indian entrée options from Tandoor Chef back then. Trust us, we would’ve eaten fare fewer Rocky Mountain oysters.

But that’s all in our past and even though we live in a city with great Indian cuisine, we know there are people reading this who don’t have that luxury. Plus, we don’t always feel like making the drive to Currytown to get our fix. In fact, in a couple of instances, the frozen versions of some of our favorite dishes were better than what we’ve had in some of our best restaurants.

Take the Chicken Tikka Masala. The chicken remained juicy and the sauce was delectable bite after bite. With a box of garlic naan close by for sopping up the extra masala, it was almost like we were dining in a bustling Indian city. But that may have been because our neighbor also considers cows to be sacred and they often wander through our living room unannounced.
So for any occasion where you don’t want to have to travel far for great Indian, keep Tandoor Chef in your freezer. It’s pretty damned good for curry in a hurry, korma in your dorm-a, or Dal Rajasthani with your honey.

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