Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Privilege Is All Theirs

It’s got to be the editing.

How else could six perfectly attractive people come off as such narcissistic, entitled jerks? We think Bravo should’ve started a whole new franchise, The Real D*cks and C*nts of (Insert City Here). Instead, we get Most Eligible: Dallas, the kind of reality show that makes you either want to go all Dexter and kill the bad people of the world, or set a season pass on your TiVo.

We’re a combination of the two. Hate to love it, love to hate it.

The premise is simple. Gather together a gaggle of successful, young(ish) people (among them a gay, a pet rescuer and a professional football player), then follow them as they go about their daily pursuits of booty calls and/or long-term relationships. Watch them eat and drink in Dallas’ hottest restaurants and nightspots. Get a glimpse into their “My Dog Eats off Wedgewood China!” micro-bubbles and gasp at their complete ignorance of the way civilized people act. (Bravo proves once again that money can’t buy class.)

Of course, if they were all polite, caring citizens of Big D, they’d be over on the History Channel’s So You Think You Can Hunger Strike: The Search for the Next Mother Teresa. No, we watch shows like this because they’re an escape from real reality where bills are past due, dating is difficult and not every wish and whim can be served at the push of a “buddon.” (Watch it and you’ll understand.)

But surely the cast members will grow over the course of the series and not make people afraid of drive-by snootings while walking around Dallas. Otherwise, if you’re single, tune in to Bravo tonight and take your pick from the very best Dallas has to offer. Who knows, by Season Two, you could be having the romance of a lifetime – with a camera crew there to film every second.

Most Eligible: Dallas
Premieres tonight on Bravo TV
10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m. Central


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